We are always studying and learning!

Rich began volunteering at a local shelter where he decided to become a dog trainer to help the ever-growing number of dogs that were being re-homed/placed in shelters. From there, he mentored under a great local trainer while he finished the Animal Behavioral College basic obedience curriculum. Rich began volunteering at Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter in 2014, where the number of behavioral dogs not ready for safe adoption grew enormously from what he knew before. Basic training was not going to get these dogs ready to succeed in homes. Rich started to really reach out and study what training would be able to help as many animals as possible with great success! Our hope at Adirondack Dog Training is to get as many dogs adopted as possible – and keep animals in their homes, living a happy life with their families. We want to teach real life dog training to real life dog owners.

In January 2019– Rich traveled to Detroit a The Good Dog weekend Seminar for what was an incredibly insightful event!

Also, in June 2019 – Rich had a 3 day seminar with Linn Boyke at  http://www.schoolofdogpsychology.com/  to learn an entirely new way of how dog’s think and how we can use that to really help them. This seminar was so amazing, Marissa went in August and Rich made the trek to Vermont again just recently in October. Linn’s training and way of teaching has helped us open our eyes to so much that we can use and develop to help dogs and families in a whole new way!

At Adirondack Dog Training, we don’t just want to help dogs learn basic obedience skills, we want them to be a balanced, happy, loving part of their family.