Rich Christman

Founder, Head Trainer

Rich has had life long experience with dogs. In 2012, he began volunteering at a local shelter where he was inspired to attend Animal Behavioral College in order to help make dogs more adoptable with great obedience skills! Rich began volunteering at Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter in 2014, where he saw many tougher dogs with obedience skills were needed, but so were behavioral. Rich opened Adirondack Dog Training in 2015. In the past four years, Rich has been to numerous seminars with several world renowned trainers and has spent countless hours studying so many different techniques. With this, he has helped many tougher dogs find their forever homes and succeed!

Cassidy Christman

Cassidy was born July 2017. In her young life she has been so incredible with the shelter animals, her own animals and really any animal she meets! Be prepared to see lots of Cassidy pictures!